Academic Programs

Associate’s Degree Program

This program is a two-year program designed to promote personal development by giving the student a solid foundation for the Christian faith.

The courses of the first year offer good, practical principles to build effective Christian lifestyle and service.

The curriculum emphasizes the application of Biblical principles in the life of the believer. Courses are designed to promote the development and use of skills and techniques relevant to each student’s area(s) of ministry. Upon completion of the courses in year two, the student will receive an Associate Degree equivalent to 60/66 credits.

Bachelor’s Degree Program

The purpose of the Bachelor’s program at True Vine Theological Seminary is to provide professional theological education for the equipping of persons for effective service in Christian ministries throughout the world.

The program is to help the candidates grow in their understanding and interpretation of the Church’s ministry in relation to Biblical; historical, theological, ethical and practical areas. The candidates are also challenged to develop their ministerial skills and refine and articulate a theological spirit-filled ministry while in a setting of ministry.

All candidates accepted into the Bachelor’s Program are required to have already obtained an Associate Degree equivalent to 60/66 credits. Completion of the fourth (4th) year Bachelor’s program affords the student a Bachelor’s Degree equivalent to 120/132 credits.

Master’s Degree Program

The purpose of the Master’s Degree program of True Vine Theological Seminary is to expand the student’s knowledge in their related fields of ministry specialization. The Master Programs gives a more in-depth understanding and increases the student’s proficiency in our Christian disciplines.